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Every year, the UTMB® Mont-Blanc puts in place a shuttle service that provides a more sustainable solution for runners, crews and spectators.

The UTMB Mont-Blanc shuttle service is:

  • 15,000 users every year
  • 150 shuttles travelling around the Mont-Blanc region for every edition of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc
  • 7 exceptional shuttle lines set up for the event

We provide an exceptional shuttle service for runners and their crew in order to limit the greenhouse gas and particle emissions. Less cars, more adventures !

Schedules and traffic conditions :

Our Mobility Guide is your best ally to help you estimate your travel time with the UTMB Shuttle during the event.

We will publish the guide right before reservations for the UTMB Shuttle service open. Do not hesitate to check also the estimated time of arrival of your runner, to make sure you do not miss their race.