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30th November 2022

PAGALA Association


The "PAGALA" Association is a 100% voluntary humanitarian organization of general interest, fully funded by the solidarity bibs of the UTMB. It was created in 2013 by a team of friends from the Chamonix valley who, during a mountain bike raid in TOGO, discovered in the bush the village of Pagala and decided to help his orphanage and his hospital. . 2013-2017 were exclusively devoted to renovating the orphanage, supporting orphans in their education, food and health ...

… And to help the hospital by free consultations of doctors and nurses of the association, by the supply of large material of examination and of small material of care, by a fund of solidarity and donations of products for care of. emergency for the most deprived. In collaboration with Électriciens Sans Frontières, the installations of the 12 buildings have been completely refurbished.2018: the association broadens its actions by renovating classrooms in deprived areas.

2018: the association broadens its actions by renovating classrooms in deprived areas.

2019: We have devoted the funds of our solidarity bibs to the construction of two classes in the village of DAVEDI

2021 After a blank year, unable to get to TOGO, the 11 solidarity bibs allow us to launch the work of a double nursery class in Noepe in October, scheduled for 2020.

2022 Further renovations or construction of classrooms are planned, and will be carried out depending on the number of solidarity runners who choose to help us this year.


As our association operates with 5 totally volunteer members in France and 2 representatives in Togo, UTMB solidarity bibs represent the bulk of our budget. This money is fully invested in our projects on site. We have been volunteering with the UTMB for over 12 years, through our doctor and other members at the Arnuva Refueling Station. The world of trail running is totally familiar to us, all of us mountain sportsmen, hence our privileged contact with the runners who choose to support us.

The general impression remains that our runners from all over the world are proud of the help they give to deprived children in Africa. They choose our association for its volunteering, the concrete and punctual aspect of our actions with which they can identify, and even mentally connect during the race ... excellent motivation when the desire to stop wins them, they say! Come and discover us in the fifty pages of our blog

To contact us ASSOCIATION PAGALA Mr D. PADOVAN - 20 r. vve Grosset - 74700 Sallanches - France

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