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4th November 2023

Fondation Abbé Pierre

Recognized as a public utility in 1992, the Abbé Pierre Foundation works to ensure that all deprived people can access decent housing and a dignified life. Its action revolves around:

  • financing of housing-related projects,
  • reception and help for homeless people,
  • raising public awareness
  • the questioning of public authorities.

More than 90% of the Abbé Pierre Foundation's resources come from the generosity of the public and patronage. We can only act with the help of our donors! Thanks to the support of our donors, we can better meet the needs of those who are on the street, build new housing, rehabilitate old, dilapidated and unoccupied housing , raise awareness among public authorities about the condition of poorly housed people.

Contact : Eva Rengard -

Poverty cannot be managed, it must be fought.

Abbé Pierre

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