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Mental toughness, team spirit, a sense of adventure, and core mountain values are essential to experience this adventure of a lifetime, a grand tour of the Mont-Blanc as a team.


300 KM

Elevation Gain

25000 M+

Start Date

Monday 26th August 2024

Race Start

Chamonix - 08:00

Max Allowed Race Time

152 Hours 30 Minutes


With its unique concept and its specific features, the PTL sets apart from other races. The spirit of the PTL is based on mental commitment, team spirit and adventure, as well as on sporting and mountain values.

This ultra endurance race takes participants on a grand tour of the Mont-Blanc (300km and 25000m of D+), covering high altitude trails, without any way-marking, which requires a sense of orientation on and off the trails. The course changes every year and allows for runners to discover the rich diversity of the French, Italian and Swiss trails of the Mont Blanc massif.

The 2024 course - winding through the ever-present Mont-Blanc and its prestigious satellites - is again this year innovative and out of the ordinary. You will cross little-known places, often difficult to access and offering breathtaking views.


A closer look at the 2024 course

Participate in the PTL

All the information you need to know before starting an extraordinary adventure.

Rules and Regulations

Check out the official PTL rules and regulations including registration process and fees, mandatory equipment, assistance policy, runner commitment and much more.

Repatriation insurance

Each competitor must have a personal accident insurance covering search and rescue costs in France, Italy and Switzerland.

PTL tips

Everything you need to know about using a GPS, a compass and much more...

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