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Solidarity UTMB


UTMB® a solidarity event

Since the very beginning, the UTMB® has always sought to associate the energy of the event with a spirit of solidarity. At the foot of the Mont Blanc, we give great importance to human relations and mutual aid and we have a strong desire to help others win their own battles. There are two ways to collect funds for partner associations: Charity bibs and runners' donations at registration.

Solidarity UTMB

Make a donation

At the time of registration, each runner is offered the opportunity to make a donation. Through the 8 races, the UTMB® directly supports 3 additional associations. 34,375 euros were donated in 2022.


For more than thirty years, the Girotondo association has been active in the Aosta Valley territory, organizing projects and initiatives, even in collaboration with public and private subjects. It includes people with mental, psychic and/or sensory disabilities who wish to be protagonists of their lives.

La Sapaudia

La Sapaudia (country of fir trees) has given itself the mission and the objective of raising awareness on 2 subjects : promoting and developing all foms of action favoring the support and integration of any perso with a disability and promoting the donation of bone marrow (stem cells) in order to increase the number of donors

Rotary Club Chamonix Mont-Blanc Megève

"Des Elles pour Vous" is a French association created in 2017 by Véronique Sacco to support women in Haute-Savoie suffering from cancer. 1 woman in 20 is currently suffering from cancer in Haute-Savoie, mainly breast, colon and lung.

Our goal is to create a real mutual aid between women to get out of the social isolation linked to the disease, to regain self-confidence, to accept her new body and to dare to go out and resume activities.


The Solidarity Committee selects the associations and ensures that their projects are in line with the values of the UTMB® ensuring the diversity of the causes supported. Each year, the " Solidarity Hour" is organised to honor the charities supported. The Solidarity Committee is chaired by Jacqueline Ecochard and supported by volunteers from the 3 countries crossed by the UTMB® Mont-Blanc: Sylvie Barquant, Jocelyne Guichaoua, Federica Cortese, Michele Tropiano and Léandre Roduit.

Over 2 600 000€ raised in 10 years of solidarity at the UTMB Mont Blanc!

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