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Solidarity UTMB


UTMB® a solidarity event

Since 2003, we have always been dedicated to combining the energy of the event with its spirit of solidarity. At the foot of Mont Blanc, we are infused with the famous team spirit and driven by the desire to help everyone achieve their own victories.


In 2023, €26,852 were collected and equally distributed to 3 local associations


The Girotondo association includes individuals with mental, psychological, and/or sensory disabilities who wish to be protagonists in their own lives and collaborate with their families, educators, volunteers, and all those who choose to share their path to autonomy and address the various challenges associated with different forms of disability. Girotondo draws inspiration from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and aims to contribute to the development of a culture that views people with disabilities as active, leading, and responsible individuals in their own lives, offering them the opportunity to participate in any area of life.  For over thirty years, the Girotondo association has been active in the Valdostan territory, organizing projects and initiatives in collaboration with both public and private organizations. 

La Sapaudia

La Sapaudia (Land of Fir Trees) has a mission and objective to raise awareness on two subjects: 

  • Promote and develop any form of action that supports the assistance and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. 
  • Promote bone marrow donation (stem cells) to increase the number of donors.


Rotary Club Chamonix Mont-Blanc Megève

The Rotary Chamonix Mont Blanc Megève, which, as in previous years, chooses a local association and donates the full portion of Runner's Donations from the UTMB.

In 2023, the chosen association was "Des Elles Pour Vous", located near Annecy. Throughout the year, this organization offers meetings, support, and assistance to women with breast cancer. Its president says, "When we learn that we have been touched by cancer, daily life seems insurmountable, many fears arise, and numerous questions emerge. I prioritize relationships and human contact. I hope that my experience can benefit other women." 

Over 3 000 000€ raised in 10 years of solidarity at the UTMB Mont Blanc!

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