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How to get around during races

During the event, HOKA UTMB Mont-Blanc is putting a large-scale mobility plan in place to enable you to follow all the races without the need for a private car.

It's essential that our runners and their support crew have an exceptional experience, while at the same time eliminating the nuisance associated with the use of private cars to get around the Mont-Blanc region.


Shuttles will transport you to the start of your race (MCC, TDS®, YCC, ETC, OCC and CCC®). Access to these shuttles is free upon presentation of your race bib and proof of reservation.

Reservations must be made in your My UTMB runner's area from 4/7 (there will be no on-site reservations).

Shuttles will also be available to pick you up if you retire.

Support Crews


Shuttle buses will transport you to the start of the races (MCC, TDS®, YCC, ETC, OCC, and CCC®) and allow you to follow the your runner (UTMB, CCC, TDS, OCC, MCC). Access to these shuttles is reserved for holders of a transport pass, available for purchase starting 04/07 (no on-site sales).

The line to the start is included in the pass, but an additional reservation is MANDATORY for those who wish to go to the start line. No additional bookings are required for the other lines.

On receipt of payment, a voucher is issued. This voucher will enable you to pick up your UTMB Mobility wristband at the information points in Chamonix (for the MCC from Sunday 25/08 at the Chamonix bib collection) and Courmayeur, this wristband will serve as your transport ticket.

Access to the shuttles will only be possible for people with the UTMB Mobility wristband.

Please note that the OCC, CCC and UTMB can only be followed with UTMB Mobility shuttles

(*). Many roads and parking lots are closed making access to Contamines, La Fouly, Champex, Trient and Vallorcine impossible by private car. You can find details of road and parking lot closures here.

Exceptional dispensations to follow the OCC, CCC or UTMB by car may be granted to:

  • Families with children under 3 and people with disabilities. More information here.
  • Followers of top-elite racers. More information here.

For all other races (MCC, TDS, ETC and YCC), we strongly advise you to use the UTMB Mobility shuttles to access the start and to follow the race.

(*) Vallorcine can be reached by public transport (train and bus).

Base Camp

The Base Camps are free zones that you can access by showing your UTMB Mobility wristband, and which will allow you to wait comfortably in the warm.

Located throughout the UTMB, CCC and TDS routes, the Base Camps are accessible day and night.

Base Camps are located close to refreshment points and are signposted. Nearby you'll find stands where you can eat and drink a hot beverage.

For more information, click here.


Packages can be purchased from 04/07 to 14.08 23:59

Buy a UTMB Mobility pass below

Details of the mobility plan for each race

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