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Mandatory equipment

Choosing suitable equipment is a key factor to the success of your race. Be sure to test your kit and your equipment before the big day to avoid unwanted surprises.


During the month of August in the Mont-Blanc area, the weather can get very hot (more than 30°C), or very cold (up to -10°C experienced above 2000m), with rain, hail or even snow. Your equipment must be suitable for confronting all types of conditions and allow you to spend one or two nights outdoor, on the race route, depending on your speed of progress. In case of an incident, your equipment must also allow you to wait for the rescue team in sufficiently safe conditions.

You must carry the mandatory equipment with you during the whole race - from start to finish - or you will be penalized. Race stewards may check your equipment at any time during the race.

Don't forget that the equipment we request includes an essential list of basic items that each trail runner must adapt according to their own abilities. We highly recommend you to test it during training sessions under different conditions and to carry everything you need with you.

List of mandatory equipment

mandatory equipment basic kit

Additional kits required depending on weather conditions

The "hot weather" and "cold weather" kits are an essential part of the mandatory equipment. Depending on the weather conditions, the organization may ask participants to carry some additional mandatory equipment items. In this case, runners will be informed before the opening of the race pack collection for their race. Each participant must then present their mandatory equipment - including the additional kit activated by the organization - to get their race bib.

Choose clothes that allow good protection in the mountains against cold, wind and snow, and therefore provide greater safety and ensure a better performance. All clothing must be the runner's size and must not be altered after leaving the factory.

You must carry your equipment in a bag that we will tag when you receive your bib and you cannot change it during the race.

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