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Blandine L'Hirondel
4th September 2023

The eighth episode of the podcast "UTMB - 20 ans de Passion" is now available online

Do you remember what you were doing on August 30, 2003 at 4am?

You were probably sleeping...

But Topher Gaylord, our guest today, was about to live one of the most intense experiences of his life.

That Saturday morning in 2003, the 34-year-old American, European director for The North Face, was in Chamonix, under the starting arch of the UTMB... In the cool of dawn, with over 700 runners, pumped up, ready to give their all on the trails...

20 years after this first run into the unknown, Topher Gaylord remembers everything: each pass, each descent... each emotion of this race. He ran the UTMB 11 times. He finished 2nd in 2003, and was a top 10 finisher a couple of other times. Topher is one of the Americans who have shone the most in the history of the UTMB...

We wondered why no American had ever won the UTMB... but that was until this year! What a prediction!

He says that nothing compares to this ultra trail, that it is unique, almost magical… but what he does not say, out of humility no doubt, is how much this race owes him.

First sponsor of the UTMB with The North Face for 12 years, he helped to grow the event and to give it a global echo.

But partner or not, he is above all a passionate and inspiring runner!

A UTMB Group podcast

  • Produced in partnership with Lines Agency and Trails Endurance Mag
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  • Texts : Mélanie Pouey
  • Production: Mélanie Pouey and Mathilde Laisney
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  • Photo credit: Brandon Joseph Baker
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