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Mont blanc

1st September 2023


4 letters. 3 countries crossed. 1 extraordinary adventure, which is now the 100M finals of the UTMB World Series. This is the iconic race that has taken so many passionate runners on an extraordinary journey around the Mont-Blanc.

Race Category



171 KM

Elevation Gain

9963 M+

Race Start

Chamonix - 18:00

Max Allowed Race Time

46 Hours 30 Minutes


Created in 2003, the UTMB is "the most mythical and prestigious trail running race in the world" with 171 kilometers and 10,000 meters of positive elevation gain around the Mont-Blanc through Italy, Switzerland and France. A race like no other, it transcends the sport, and has established itself as an iconic trail race, renowned worldwide.

No matter the time it takes to finish, whether done in under 20 hours or more than 46, the elite runners as well as amateur runners share the same adventure on the same exceptional course, carried by the stunning beauty of the landscapes and a common goal: to cross the finish line in Chamonix. Much more than a race, it is an introspective adventure which transforms every person that takes on the challenge.

A closer look at the course

All you need to know to participate in the UTMB

All the information you need to know before starting an extraordinary adventure.

Rules and regulations UTMB

Rules and Regulations

Check out the official UTMB rules and regulations including registration process and fees, mandatory equipment, assistance policy, runner commitment and much more.

Registration conditions

To participate in the UTMB, you must have a valid UTMB Index in the 100K or 100M categories and at least 1 Running Stone.

Repatriation insurance

Each competitor must have a personal accident insurance covering search and rescue costs in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Mandatory equipment

Check the list of mandatory equipment and the heatwave or extreme cold kits that can be activated depending on the weather conditions.

Medical certificate

Medical Certificate

Each competitor must upload the medical certificate on their dashboard before May the 31st 2023.

Dive deep into the heart of the race

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