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Blandine L'Hirondel
7th September 2023

The ninth episode of the podcast "UTMB - 20 ans de Passion" is now available online

Would the UTMB have achieved the same success if we hadn't seen the efforts on the runners' faces, the magnificent landscapes, and the emotion in the eyes of the spectators?

Today, no matter where you are in the world, you can experience this legendary race in full immersion thanks to a handful of men and women who have forever changed the way this demanding sport is broadcast by creating the UTMB LIVE setup.

In this special episode, we went behind the scenes to meet the people working to produce these incredible images and bring us as close as possible to the runners. Starting with Catherine Poletti, who has been in charge of communication from the beginning.

You will also hear from Fabrice Perrin, a volunteer for 13 years, who now oversees the UTMB LIVE setup behind the control screens.

Images are essential, but without sound, it's immediately much less enjoyable! Depa, the historic Spanish speaker, kindly shared his experiences with us in French!

And finally, Sébastien Chaigneau, an elite runner turned Run Cam, which means he is a cameraman on the UTMB, explains how moving it is to follow the best runners throughout the course!

Enjoy listening!

A UTMB Group podcast

  • Produced in partnership with Lines Agency and Trails Endurance Mag
  • Interviews: Mathilde Laisney
  • Texts : Mélanie Pouey
  • Production: Mélanie Pouey and Mathilde Laisney
  • Original music and mix : @homework_studio
  • Photo credit: Brandon Joseph Baker
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