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29th December 2022

Access Mont-Blanc


Access Mont Blanc is a non-profit Association based in Les Houches in the heart of the Chamo-nix Valley. Although only formed in 2021, we have big dreams for the future of disability sport in the Mont Blanc region, and we plan to make the mountains accessible to everyone.

By wearing a solidarity bib in support of Access Mont Blanc, you will be contributing to the purchase of all-terrain electric wheelchairs for the 5 communes of the Chamonix Valley. The wheelchairs will be used by visitors to the valley and those that live locally who, due to their disability, can no longer explore the mountains with any level of autonomy. As a mountain runner you will understand that running in the mountains is a great healer of mind and spirit. In supporting Access Mont Blanc you will be directly contributing to the physical and mental wellbeing of those who can no longer run free but still dream of mountain adventure and exploration.

At Access Mont Blanc we are all volunteers, sharing the common belief that having a disability should not be a barrier to adventure.

Despite the limitations imposed by the COVID pandemic, during the summer of 2021 we successfully organised an Adapted Mountain Sports Festival in Les Houches, whereby people with any level of disability, mental or physical, could come and try a range of mountain sports at a greatly reduced cost. Building on our success, in 2022 we hope to offer a much wider range of activities.

In July 2021 we also ran an expedition, with a multi-national team of wounded ex-veterans, aim-ing to discover and prove that an adapted Tour du Mont Blanc could be achieved in an all terrain electric wheelchair. Following the successful completion of this expedition we are now writing a guidebook showing the wheelchair-accessible trails, with GPS routing, transport and accommodation options for differing levels of fitness and ability.

Having proved that the wheelchairs are ideal for mountain excursions we are fund-raising to pur-chase five of them(one for each of the communities in the Chamonix Valley). The chairs cost around 14000€ each, therefore beyond the means of the average family. Having them readily available to borrow or hire in the valley will enable more people to come to the mountains and benefit from the autonomy which the chairs provide.

Please support us in our quest to make the mountains accessible to everyone. Thank you so much for your support.

If you would like more information please email us at and we would be delighted to answer your questions.

Or you can read about our activities at:, @accessmontblanc on Instagram or accessmontblanc on Facebook

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