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10th April 2023

The UTMB® Mont-Blanc unveils inclusive, full of emotions poster for its 20th anniversary edition

In one poster, 20 years of passion, 20 years of emotions and a story that continues to be written together!

With thousands of memories and innumerable moments of euphoria since its launch in 2003, this year the UTMB® Mont-Blanc is celebrating its journey from the creation by a group of passionate friends to its status as the world's top trail running event. For this special anniversary edition, the UTMB® Mont-Blanc wanted to pay tribute to all those who have made this race famous across the globe by unveiling an authentic, community-oriented poster.

For over a month, the UTMB® Mont-Blanc team collected pictures and memories of the most beautiful moments experienced around the Mont-Blanc over the past 20 years. Runners, crews, volunteers, partners, municipalities and territories, more than 600 people took part and the result is this unique poster, full of strong and unforgettable moments.

It is a puzzle of personal pictures in which you can find all the elements that make the UTMB Mont-Blanc such a special event for all trail running lovers:

  • The Mont Blanc, the ultimate icon for all those who wish to enter this formidable adventure

  • The UTMB Mont-Blanc arch, symbolizing the athletic effort and the commitment of so many people

  • A new logo marking the 20th anniversary edition of the event, with the three flags to highlight the friendship between the three host countries

  • The poster also features all the races of the week, including the first UTMB World Series circuit finals: OCC (50K), CCC (100K) and UTMB (100M).

Isabelle Poletti, Director of the UTMB Mont-Blanc, commented: "Since 2003, the UTMB Mont-Blanc has revolved around our key values of solidarity, respect, inclusion, authenticity and humility, principles that our graphic design team sought to highlight in this year’s poster. Unifying on so many levels, this event brings us all together at the same start line, with the same objective, to share the emotions of our shared passion for the trails."