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30th November 2022



Since its creation in 2010, Kaïcedra has been supporting rural communities in the Irim region of northern Burkina Faso to set up their own projects and initiatives and respond to their community's most pressing needs.

It is involved in Education, Health, Food Security and Women's Mobility.

Our Association works closely (and without intermediaries) with a local partner, the “Association Action pour le Développement Economique et Culturel” (ADEC), whose team is highly experienced in carrying out development projects. Our team regularly follows up its projects with our local team using virtual tools such as videoconferencing and instant messaging.
One or two members of the committee travel to Burkina Faso each year to monitor the progress of our actions and projects.



Every year, the Maternelle of Irim welcomes 120 children for an educational program in preparation for primary school.

Kaïcedra covers the cost of reception, snacks and meals, as well as health insurance for these children. It also covers the costs of the educational program and ongoing training for the four teachers.

The project is helping to increase school enrolment in general and secondary school education for girls in particular. Each year, around 120 primary school pupils and 70 secondary school pupils benefit from the program. Sponsorship covers school fees and materials, uniforms and shoes, canteen meals and health insurance.

Kaïcedra also supports young people who are finishing secondary school and who have plans for higher education by providing financial support for university and professional training.

In rural areas, French is used at school but is not the language spoken at home. In order to create a dynamic and fun environment for practicing the French language, Kaïcedra and its local partner have created a Cultural Centre in Irim. Its purpose is to welcome young people from the region in a variety of spaces: a library, a study and tutoring area, a cultural activities room, a film club and a theatre.


Kaïcedra and its local partner have developed a number of programs to improve access to healthcare and information: setting up a Mutual health insurance plan, regular awareness-raising sessions in the villages (wound prevention, ringworm, breast abscesses, family planning, malnutrition, etc.), training and creation of visual awareness-raising aids, distribution of hygiene kits to children, screening and treatment of wounds in children aged 0-18.

In addition, as part of the campaign against child malnutrition, Kaïcedra supports the distribution of infant formula and enriched porridge to orphans and young children.


Harvests and stocks have suffered severely in recent years in the region where we operate. Kaïcedra is working with its local partner to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people by providing emergency food aid.


The Mam Weefo project supports women by financing 50% of the cost of acquiring a bicycle.

This project allows its beneficiaries to greatly improve their mobility and their ability to carry out an activity and daily tasks such as supplying water and wood, cooking, washing and managing their household and family.


The UTMB solidarity bibs will support Kaïcedra's concrete actions in the field of EDUCATION:

  • Schooling and meals in the canteen for infant school children.

1 bib = 33 children enrolled and fed (1 hot meal on school days) for one year.

  • Schooling and canteen meals for children entering primary or secondary school

1 bib = 1 child enrolled and fed (1 hot meal on school days) for either the primary cycle (6 years) or the secondary cycle (4 years)

  • University bursary, financial support for study costs, meals and accommodation.

1 race number = one year of university study for a student.

  • Development and management of the Cultural Centre to welcome young people in different areas: library, study and tutoring area, cultural activities room, film club and theatre.

1 bib = management of the center for one year.


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