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30th November 2022



Since its creation in 2010, Kaïcedra has supported rural communities in the north of Burkina Faso in designing and implementing their own projects and initiatives to meet the most urgent needs of their community in the fields of education, health, food security and women's mobility.

Our organization works in close collaboration (and without intermediaries) with a local partner, the Association Action pour le Développement Economique et Culturel (ADEC), whose team is very experienced in the implementation of development projects.

Since its creation, Kaïcedra has:

  • Funded 2,851 school years through its sponsorship program (888 kindergarten, 1,399 primary, 508 secondary, 47 high school and 9 university) and served more than 107,600 meals in the Irim school canteen.
  • Funded over 1,000 hours of tutoring
  • Built 8 classrooms and repaired4 school buildings
  • Treated over 2,623 wounds
  • Provided more than 184 awareness sessions on hygiene, wound and disease prevention, water protection and food preservation
  • Distributed over 2,332 hygiene kits to children (kindergarten, CP1 and CP2)
  • Distributed 53 tons of food for the people in need in Irim and its surroundings
  • Distributed more than 3,473 boxes of infant formula to women in need of milk and for orphans
  • Supported 2,036 women to acquire a bicycle at reduced prices
  • Created 23 local jobs
  • Built and equipped a local office
  • Carried out 8 field missions


The UTMB® 2023 solidarity bibs will support Kaïcedra's concrete actions in the fields of education and health:

  • Schooling costs and meals in the canteen for the children of the elementary school. 1 bib = 33 children schooled and fed (1 hot meal on school days) for one year.

  • Management of a cultural center to welcome young people in different areas: library, study and school support area, cultural activities room, movie club and theatre. 1 bib = management of the center for one year.

  • Distribution of hygiene kits (toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps, etc.) to children and awareness-raising session on hygiene 1 bib = hygiene kits distributed to 125 children and hygiene awareness session for children and their family.

A few lines on the Kaïcedra team's experience at the UTMB® 2022:

It was a great pleasure to be in Chamonix to experience this 2022 event. Throughout the week, we followed and vibrated with our runners but also with all the other participants, all champions at their level.

What a magnificent spirit emanates from this passion that unites trailers, families, the public, all the volunteers and of course the members of the UTMB organization.

We are proud to be part of this family of solidarity.

A huge thank you to our runners:

  • Benoit Vuillermoz
  • Pedro Cordeiro
  • Brian Hutchinson
  • Hanno Witte
  • Teric Zalagh


Françoise BURO - / +41.78.666.83.45

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