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7th November 2023


The aim of our association is to help the families of Mountain Gendarmes who are victims of accidents during rescue operations or illness, with a particular focus on orphans. It also provides support for Mountain Gendarmes.

Our missions for families

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the Sébio association provides support and is present for the bereaved families and loved ones of Gendarmes who have died during rescue operations or training.

  • Help with administrative formalities
  • Logistical and financial assistance (preparing wakes, advancing funeral expenses, covering transport and accommodation costs for next of kin, etc.).

Support over time:

  • A strong desire to maintain a link between families and the institution over time.
  • Organisation of trips to the mountains for the families and orphans of our mountain comrades so that they can get together, talk, challenge themselves and rebuild their lives.
  • Proposed trips for families, based on a visit to the accident site, which is sometimes essential to help them rebuild their lives.

Our missions for first-aiders affected by illness or accident

Assistance and support with administrative and medico-legal procedures, human resources management (retraining, reorientation, adaptation) and support for affected units.

So trail runners, you who run in our mountains, know that by taking a solidarity number in one of the UTMB® Mont-Blanc races, you are helping to support the families of the rescue workers who have been and will always be there for you.

Contact for solidarity race numbers: Philippe LACOLOMBE - +33 (0)6 95 63 80 75 74400 CHAMONIX Mont-Blanc

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On the day of the ceremony, my whole family was received as if it were their family too. The solidarity and support given to me by all my former comrades is, in my eyes, a priceless form of friendship. It was this deep sense of camaraderie, friendship and solidarity that led to the creation of the Sébio SSM Association, so that the tragedies experienced by families are not compounded by unbearable loneliness


My message is quite simple: solidarity can't be delegated, it's up to each and every one of us to embody it and bring it to life, each and every one of us to carry this spirit forward through small actions on a daily basis. It's not a concept or an idea, but a concrete, long-term commitment. Each of us must take up the baton to make a difference

B. A

For me, it's you, my mountain family, who represent this world of warmth that I really missed after the accident. You know how to simultaneously pay tribute to the rescuer while extending a hand to those left behind to help them get back on their feet.

J. C

Always accompanied, it was a real pleasure for us to be able to understand, observe, imagine... So well supported, the sadness was much less than I had feared.

I. T

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